Tonkawa Foundry  -  510 S. 7 th St.  -  P. O. Box 504  -  Tonkawa, OK 74653  -  Phone: 580-628-2575  -  Fax: 580-628-2236



Complete tooling capabilities available through local pattern shops.
  • Stack molding—13.5" x 15" up to 16" x 24" in 1.5" to 3" mold thickness
  • No Bake – Various sizes – up to 48" x 48"
  • Cold box
  • Mold handling equipment
  • Phenolic urethane cold box molding and cores for dimensional accuracy

Melting Process

Tonkawa Foundry uses all new materials such as American pig iron, #1 copper, new nickel, chrome, etc. to ensure the quality of the product.
  • 1200 kW Inductotherm Power Units
  • (2) 2000 pound furnaces
  • Thermocouple controlled temperature
  • Integrated furnace and pouring station
  • Charging accurately managed by computerized scales


Shakeout/Sand Reclamation

To ensure quality service to their customers, Tonkawa Foundry installed a Sand Reclamation unit in the Fall of 2010
  • Vibratory breakdown of molds in vibra-drum shakeout unit allows for efficient, thorough separation of castings and sand.
  • Sand is screened, cooled, and treated for re-use.
  • Tests are performed daily by the in-house sand lab.

Preparation and Inspection

Tonkawa Foundry performs full inspections on their products to ensure they are the highest quality for their customers
  • Initial inspections and cleaning of castings
  • Stand and hand grinding
  • Shot blasting
  • Final inspections